RADT, EMT, Combat Medic

Jacob Hookano

Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs La Jolla staff member Jacob Hookano. Jacob has been in the medical field for 8 years originally starting in home health care in the San diego area. He always had a passion to serve and care for others. He spent time in the United States Army as a Combat Medic/ Healthcare Specialist where he became a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician. He attended the medical education training center in Fort Sam Houston Texas.

Jacob then went on to teach new medics while serving in Germany. When he discharged from the military he continued in the medical field working in the San diego area with home health care and individuals dealing with addiction. Jacob continues to strive everyday to help others and ensure that they can reach not only their personal goals but ensure they are healthy while doing so.

He is a favoriite with our drug rehabs La Jolla addiction treatment center. This is evident with the Facebook group members everyday. His passion to help others is a ray of sunshine with many of our San Diego area clients. Many rely on his personality to brighten uo their day. 

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