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Opiate Drug and Alcohol Detox in San Diego

Our Opiate and alcohol detox centers in San Diego, California makes it a priority is to provide the best quality medical treatment. We utilize evidence-based treatments by highly qualified medical and counseling professionals. Taking that first step of detoxification is often the most difficult. Many individuals fear the pain of withdrawal symptoms. Rest assured Harmony Grove Recovery has many tools to make this process as comfortable as possible. We utilize medication assisted treatment (MAT) with comfort medications combined with our caring addiction treatment professional staff.

If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol, the first step towards solving that problem is reaching out for professional help. Our alcohol detox centers in San Diego always recommends a medically supervised detox. There are many life-threatening issues that can quickly arise during the process. Alcohol detox, also known as drug detox, refers to the process of eliminating all traces of alcohol from your body. This is a traumatic event for the entire body. The safest way is with an addiction treatment center under medical supervision. This is the best way to begin the process of treatment and rehabilitation. It provides the least amount of withdrawal symptoms, pains, or cravings.

Our alcohol detox center in San Diego was founded on the idea of providing clients with a safe, supportive environment with all the tools needed to achieve long-term sobriety. We develop individual treatments that incorporate family dynamics and support for overall recovery and wellness that stems from within.

Why Our Alcohol Detox Treatment Centers in San Diego are One of the Best?

Harmony Grove Recovery’s luxury opiate & alcohol detox treatment centers in San Diego provide the best medically supervised detox. Our team is determined to succeed, offering quality detox care in a desirable setting. Through our San Diego County facility’s luxurious amenities, we are here to help end the cycle of abuse.

Most individuals with a history of alcoholism will experience some type of psychological symptoms when they stop drinking. Some of these may be mild and temporary, such as irritability and anxiety. Others can be more severe, such as prolonged depression or suicidal thoughts. These symptoms are often referred to as alcohol withdrawal syndrome (AWS). We explain more about this below.

According to research conducted by NIAAA, between 9 percent and 17 percent of people who try to stop drinking experience some form of AWS. Many studies have found that different factors—such as age, gender and length of time spent addicted to alcohol—affect how common these symptoms are during withdrawal from alcohol addiction treatments in San Diego.

If you are in southern California and looking for drug rehabs near me in San Diego, give us a call. Some alcoholics that have been through the detox process don’t understand its dangers. The disease of alcoholism has them repeatedly going through the detox process. However, there are many dangers to performing this process without medical supervision. One of the biggest being alcohol withdrawal Syndrome (AWS).

Get The Best Alcohol Detox Treatment That San Diego Can Offer

Our alcohol detox treatment process occurs in a medical setting, involves using FDA approved medication to ease withdrawal symptoms. Such medications include antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs (such as Valium). Our experienced doctor’s will work with you to decide which drug—or combination of drugs—will be most effective in helping you get through withdrawal. Unlike benzodiazepines, these types of antidepressant medications do not appear to cause physical addiction or dependence. However, while they may relieve some of your discomfort during alcohol detox, they should never be used for any purpose other than treating alcoholism. Some antidepressants can lead to suicidal thoughts if taken by someone who is already depressed; people with active depression should speak with their doctor before starting on an antidepressant at any time.

Our detox centers in San Diego are well qualified to handle the serious complications of alcohol detox. Alcoholics that try to perform drug detox at home can’t deal with some of these. Situations with hallucinations, seizures or delirium tremens. Benzodiazepines have the largest and the best evidence base in the treatment of alcohol withdrawal and are considered the gold standard. Others, such as anticonvulsants, barbiturates, adrenergic drugs, and GABA agonists have been tried and have evidence.

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What is AWS or Alcohol Withdrawal Symptom?

The professionals at our alcohol detox centers San Diego centers have vast experience dealing with alcohol withdrawal symptom. AWS or alcohol withdrawal symptom, also called delirium tremens, can occur in some alcoholics who stop drinking after a period of prolonged alcohol abuse. Symptoms include high fever, hallucinations, convulsions, and dehydration. This can be fatal if not treated properly. There are certain medications that can help minimize AWS to make it safer for patients to undergo an alcohol detox.

As with all medications, these drugs can cause side effects and must be used correctly in order to be safe. The general safety tips for alcohol detox may include the following.

Do not mix substances or take more than one at a time.

Make sure you speak to your doctor before stopping any medications you are already taking (prescription, over-the-counter, supplements). Your doctor may advise that you need to maintain levels of certain drugs in your system for safety reasons while quitting alcohol.

Check with your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. You may be at risk for complications from your drinking during detox, and certain medications can make these risks worse. Your doctor will likely advise against some substances if you have a high risk of complications from detox.

Opiate Detox Centers in San Diego, California

Opiate and alcohol detox centers in San Diego, California are greatly needed. The heroin epidemic in 2019 is taking more than 150 lives per day. One of the biggest causes are over prescribed pain medications from doctors and physicians. This means there are many suffering with opioid use disorder. They know what painful withdrawal can occur when they stop taking medications.

Just like alcohol one of the biggest fears is painful withdrawals from the detoxification process. There are some very good reasons to attend our opiate and alcohol drug detox centers in Escondido, San Diego, and California. Although an opiate detox is not as risky as alcohol, reducing pain is the #1 goal. Addicts must be careful because opiate intake shouldn’t be abruptly stopped without medical attention. This includes medical supervision, emotional support, and physical health.

Opioid drug intake alters the reward center of the brain. This is one of the biggest reasons there are vital steps to take during heroin recovery. It changes the brain chemistry to continually demand the drug on the brain’s receptors. This causes a physical and psychological dependence. Our opiate and alcohol detox centers in San Diego California can help reduce many of the painful withdrawal symptoms with:

  • naloxone
  • naltrexone
  • anticonvulsants
  • antidepressants
  • and other symptom-specific pharmaceuticals

Why Harmony Grove Opiate & Alcohol Detox Treatment Center In San Diego, California?

Harmony Grove Recovery’s opiate and alcohol detox centers in San Diego is unlike other drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. We provide rehabilitation services for Escondido, California and the entire United States. What separates us is our detox center located near San Diego? Our highly qualified addiction treatment Doctors, physicians, substance abuse counselors and therapists. We only have the best professionals dedicated to providing you with a relaxing and comfortable luxury environment and community during your time of need.

Opioid detox is not as risky as the alcohol detoxification process. However, both should be performed with medical supervision due to possible complications. In addition, when in a controlled medical environment there are comfort medications that can be administered.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) there are 20.7 million people across the US that need drug and alcohol addiction treatment. However, only approximately 4 million receive formalized treatments.

We are committed to your success.

Inpatient Alcohol Detox Treatment Services in San Diego, California

We understand addiction here at Harmony Grove Recovery drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. For this reason, we help each client achieve a balanced life that promotes long-term sobriety and good health. Our facility is made up of professional, friendly, and caring individuals whose ultimate goal is for you to develop a wholesome lifestyle. Our approach is unique and holistic, healing our patients from within.

All of our drug rehabs San Diego, California treatments are tailored to fit each client’s individual needs. Whether it’s 30, 60, or 90 days; alcohol, drug, or meth detox; or an inpatient or outpatient program; our facility welcomes both short and long-term stays.

What Happens During Our Alcohol Detox Process?

The alcohol detox centers San Diego staff has a tremendous amount of experience with alcohol use disorder. The understand that when a person stops drinking, their body goes through a number of changes. The purpose of alcohol detox is to help you get through these changes as safely and comfortably as possible. In order to understand what happens during a typical alcohol detox, it’s important to understand what happens in your body when you drink alcohol.

When you consume alcohol, it enters your bloodstream and rapidly affects your entire central nervous system (CNS). That means every organ and every system in your body becomes affected by alcohol intake. After consuming alcoholic beverages, blood carries ethanol from our stomachs into our livers where enzymes metabolize or breakdown most of ethanol’s toxicity for elimination from our bodies within about one hour. The CNS or central nervous system controls many bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate and balance.

Because your liver doesn’t metabolize or breakdown all of alcohol’s toxicity in one hour, many harmful effects may persist. Because your brain relies on balance to maintain body functions, alcohol can affect its ability to maintain equilibrium. As a result, you may feel dizzy or lightheaded during alcohol detox. If you are trying to detox from alcohol at home, knowing what might happen can help you stay safer. For example, one sign that you are experiencing withdrawal symptoms during alcohol detox is nausea and vomiting. Many people experiencing withdrawal symptoms try to relieve them by drinking more alcoholic beverages which puts them at risk for relapse into alcoholism.

Working With Opiate and Alcohol Detox Treatment Centers in San Diego

We work with many drug and alcohol detox centers from Florida to California. When we do, we collaborate and share information on how to best make everyone more comfortable during the detoxification process. One of these topics is the benefits of a medically supervised opiate drug or alcohol detox. It’s easy to see how drinking during alcohol detox can make withdrawal symptoms worse. A medically supervised alcohol detox has many advantages. One of these is our doctors can prescribe comfort medications to drastically reduce painful withdrawal symptoms. Most people get professional medical help when they go through alcohol detox.

If you think you may be experiencing withdrawal symptoms, call our alcohol detox centers in San Diego, California right away. Our credentialed and experienced staff will evaluate your symptoms and help keep you safe through this difficult time. Be sure to tell us if you are on any medications or if you’ve taken any over-the-counter drugs. Because of the many different drug interactions, it’s important to let us know what medications you are taking before your detoxification process begins. It’s also a good idea to take notes before calling us so that we can track how long your alcohol detox process has been going on and identify any possible health problems or injuries related to drinking too much alcohol.

What Are The Physical Symptoms During Our Alcohol Detox San Diego Rehbilitation Treatment?

The staff at our alcohol detox San Diego locations understands that your body doesn’t need alcohol. Once you go through detox, your body can return to its natural state of balance without outside stimulation. However, there are many physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal that can make it challenging to stay committed to sobriety.

Withdrawal can lead to physical discomfort, including shakes, nausea, and vomiting. Cold sweats are also common during alcohol detox. It’s important to drink lots of water while withdrawing from alcohol, but it may be difficult since you might experience nausea or vomiting.

It’s not uncommon to feel depressed, anxious, or irritable while withdrawing from alcohol. You may also experience insomnia or restless sleep. You may experience cravings for alcohol at night since it often becomes more difficult to sleep without it. If you’re suffering from these symptoms of withdrawal, call us now at (760) 697-0497 and let our professionals help through rehab. It’s also important to be honest with family and friends who are concerned about your drinking habits so they can provide support during your detox period. Your doctor can assist with arranging detox if necessary.

What Are The Warning Signs That You Need Our Alcohol Detox Services?

The experience we have gained through our alcohol detox centers in San Diego tells us one thing for certain. This decision to undergo detoxification isn’t always easy because no one wants to acknowledge when a problem has become serious. However, there are some signs that indicate that a detox may be needed to get a person out of a dangerous situation. These signs include:

  • in-ability to stop drinking
  • alcoholism in family members
  • habitual behaviors surrounding alcohol use (such as going to bars every night)
  • excessive mood swings or feelings of depression
  • drinking while on the job or at school
  • drinking is causing pain to you or loved ones

You should also think about going through an alcohol detox if you have been arrested for driving under the influence or have been involved in any other activity that you might be feeling guilty over. If you have received a DWI this is a big indicator that you need professional help. Many times, a judge will force individuals to undergo the help of a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. If looks much better for you case if you already have enrolled or started attending a center before going in front of the judge.

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