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Substance Abuse Addiction Recovery Services

Substance Abuse Addiction Recovery Services

🌷 Drug Rehabs San Diego Group & Individual Therapy Sessions

Ranked as one of the best drug rehabs San Diego, California we are held to a higher standard. We provide the best therapy sessions at our addiction detox treatment centers in San Diego. We focus on a personalized treatment plan to help you focus on specific goals and objectives throughout your treatment. We work closely with you to help you overcome your issues, become successful, and achieve greatness.

🌷 Drug Rehabs San Diego Private Bedrooms & Bathrooms

At HGR drug rehabs Carlsbad and locations in and around San Diego we provide private bedrooms and bathrooms. Here our clients can find solace in their time of need. We understand and respect our clients privacy and personal-space during the recovery process when needed.

🌷 Family Sessions

Family involvement is one of the key components at our addiction treatment centers in Escondido and San Diego addiction treatment center. We understand the importance of family support during the road to recovery. Our therapy sessions include a family-based treatment approach to address the issues surrounding alcohol & substance abuse.

🌷 Educational Sessions

At our drug and alcohol detox treatment facilities we offer educational meetings focus on co-occurring disorders and relapse prevention. They are meant to prepare you for the difficult subject of addiction. We teach you all aspects related to addiction, recovery, and overall well-being.

🌷 Self Help Meetings

A 12-step approach has shown to increase long-term recovery. We encourage a self-help approach to aid in the addiction recovery process. With our assistance, we introduce AA and NA meetings and the 12-steps.

🌷 Court Approved

We have assisted many individuals at our drug & addiction detox treatment centers in San Diego, CA. Our staff has experience dealing with local courts in southern California. Our licensing and certifications make us the best option for court-ordered treatment. We provide all the necessary conditions needed for court issues.

🌷 Fitness Gym

Work through your recovery with our specialized fitness program. Our state-of-the-art gym facility helps maximize the health benefits of working out. With our assistance, you will have access to our fully equipped gym to help you throughout your addiction recovery process.

🌷 Drug Rehabs San Diego Equine Therapy

Through the use of horse therapy, we encourage emotional growth and personal development. Equine therapy is an effective treatment method meant to supplement other aspects of your recovery.

🌷 Drug Rehabs San Diego Holistic Treatments

HGR drug rehabs San Diego holistic approach advo cates for seeking physical health, social relationships, and spiritual connections. This helps transform your life into a well-rounded picture of health. We seek to go above and beyond traditional addiction rehab programs.

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